Measure your size & re-size instructions


Because getting the wrist size right is a pretty hard process, or because you ordered a bracelet as a gift without knowing the right size upfront, re-sizing is always an option. This is a free service that I like to offer to my clients! 

Use a string to get an estimate of the wrist's size and measure it to get the actual length, then send your bracelet back to the address given below. Don't forget to attach the right size and your order number or your order name as well! It takes around 3 working days to remake your item!

Jelle Akkerman
Zoutkeetsgracht 194
1013 LC
The Netherlands




Place a good fitting ring on some measuring tape and measure the diameter in millimeters. To get the best result, make sure that you only measure the inside of your ring, so from one inside to the other. It’s possible that you don’t possess a good fitting ring or that you want to surprise a loved one and don’t want to give it away by measuring their ring size, in this case, just send me your best guess, based on the standard sizes: S (small), M (medium) or L (large). Don’t forget to tell me if this ring is for a man or a woman.

In my current collection, you will find rings that can be adjusted by yourself, so it’s possible to stretch it by a few millimeters to make it fit perfectly. If a ring is too large or just too small to adjust it yourself, just send it back and I will do it for you, free of cost!